Field Service

Regardless of your familiarity with compressor packages, you can rely on us to assist you in determining your overall compression needs and provide you with years of efficient, trouble-free operation.

In addition to helping you select your compressor package, you may consider the following services to save you time and money:

Contract Compression

You agree to a monthly fee to ensure performance, with no costly repairs or extended downtime. We provide the compressor and maintain it.

Repair Service

Our experts are available to repair and troubleshoot your compression equipment 24/7–365.

Maintenance contracts

You can have us maintain your compressor for a monthly fee. Years of field experience, coupled with our proprietary computerized programs, help us predict what services your package requires and when.

Swing Engines

We have an inventory of dedicated Caterpillar swing engines available for scheduled overhauls or emergency situations.

Restoring / Rebuilding Older Units

You can have us examine, redesign, and refurbish units to meet new operating conditions and/or air emission requirements.

In short, you can call on us to handle all your compression needs.